Simple Printable Wedding Checklist for Commonly Forgotten Items

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When I was planning my own wedding in the summer of 2019, I remember reading list after list of things that I needed to have together. From wedding favors to a dance floor DJ, it seemed to never end and leave me more overwhelmed than before. 

So here, I’ve compiled a very very short and simple wedding checklist of things that maybe you’re forgetting you need before your big day. Free printable download is at the bottom!

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1. Silicone or Back-up Rings

Believe it or not, you should not always be wearing your expensive engagement ring! Especially if you’re going on your honeymoon soon after, make sure you pack some silicone bands so you can still feel the joy of that ring on your finger. And claim your hot husband in front of all the cougars at the pool! Here are the ones I picked from Amazon after refusing to spend $60+ on Qualo rings.

If you want something a little more fancy, you can always get a cheap back-up band. Zales has some cute inexpensive ones  for less than $30 that I looked at and may still buy later. 

2. An Exit Plan

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If you’re going straight to a hotel, Airbnb or the airport to start your honeymoon right after your wedding, here are some questions you need to answer:

1. Where will your dress and his suit go? Do you have a change of clothes handy? Where will you change if you can’t at the venue?

2. Who will pack up your gifts and take them to your home?

Know the answer to these questions BEFORE your wedding weekend. Here’s a few solution examples:

1. SOLUTION – Have a bridesmaid or one of your parents take home your fancy clothes from the venue and bring them to your house. Or, if you’re going to a hotel in your wedding clothes, ask ahead of time if you can leave those things with the concierge for a friend or family member to pick up the next day so you can leave on your honeymoon the next day.

Full disclosure: Mitchell and I literally changed in the middle of the La Jolla streets. We went all out after our wedding exit and took sunset photos in the ocean. Needless to say, we were soaking wet. We brought a change of clothes and stripped down behind our best man’s car into our comfies.

You don’t need to be that extreme though haha! Change at your venue and leave in jeans or just find someone to meet you at your hotel. The fun part can wait 30 minutes 😉

2. SOLUTION – Task one of your bridesmaids or parents to pack up your gifts and drop them off at your house (make sure they have a key!). It will take them some time to pack up after the wedding but most people find it really fun to set up your room for you to come home to later.

3. A Toss Bouquet

Images by Kayla Plouffe Photography

Hopefully, your florist already went over this with you but in case they didn’t or a toss bouquet was too expensive with them, here’s some tips! 

Task someone who will be at the wedding early with buying a $10-$20 bouquet from a grocery store that matches your wedding colors. Buy ribbon a few weeks beforehand that also matches your wedding color scheme to wrap the bouquet.

This is a great job to give moms or mother in laws to make them feel included!

4. Birth Control

Let’s just get really real here for a second! Thank GOODNESS I had a married bridesmaid who reminded me that I needed to find and start taking birth control at least 3 months before the wedding. 

You catch that?? Three. Months. Minimum. It can take some time to find the right fit for you, so the sooner the better. If you can get an appointment as soon as you get engaged or even earlier, you should! I switched between 3 options before I found the one that worked best with my body. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor or other women for advice!

If you want to browse on your own and check out your options, Planned Parenthood has a great quiz that explains all of the variations available.

Bonus: Simple Wedding Planning Checklist

If you’re already overwhelmed by all of the wedding planning details out there, here is a a free simple wedding planning checklist. This includes the things you need the weekend-of as well as things you might want to think about a few months before. It’s free and printable, perfect for sharing with your spouse, parents, or wedding party!

Free Printable link via Google Drive

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