Everything You Need to Start Paddleboarding

Blonde on blue paddleboard with reflection in the water

Thanks to our stimulus checks, Mitchell and I have a new hobby: paddleboarding! We spent weeks researching and found a phenomenal paddleboard setup on Amazon that only cost us less than $400 each. San Diego has tons of safe spots to take out your paddleboard and learn the ropes. So, over the last few weeks, I’ve gathered all the best tips and tricks to share with you. Here’s your beginner’s guide to paddleboarding!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links that I may earn commission from sales. All products are purchases of my own that I enjoy and personally recommend.

Blonde on blue paddleboard with reflection in the water

Paddleboard Purchases

You’re obviously going to need a paddleboard, but a few extras to complete your paddleboard setup are a waterproof backpack and an electric air pump. We got everything we needed from Amazon and use them every time we go out on the water.

The waterproof backpack is great for keeping your keys, phone, and even shoes dry and easily fits on the front of your board. The air pump will really help inflate your board to the right PSI in less than 5 minutes versus the 25 it would take with a hand pump. Fill up your cart with these goodies!

Paddleboard Setup List

AKSPORT Paddleboard

AKSPORT Paddleboard Set ~$300 from Amazon

SUP air compressor

SUP Air Compressor $140 from Amazon

KastKing Backpack

10 L Waterproof Backpack $18 from Amazon

Best Paddleboard Spots in San Diego

Now that you’ve got your paddleboard setup, there are some great places to get confident on the water with your new board. Here’s a list of some of our favorite spots in San Diego:

  • Liberty Station Boat Dock
  • La Jolla Shores (MUST be lowest tide)
  •  Mission Bay
  • Imperial Beach (at lowest tide)
  • Coronado Island Silverstrand Bikeway (near the Skate Park)

If you’re not sold on buying one of your own yet, you can rent one from Mission Bay Sport Center to try it out first! And if paddleboarding isn’t for you, try out these other San Diego water activities instead!
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