The Ultimate Packing List for New York City Winter

Megan in Central Park wearing winter coat

This year, Mitchell and I planned our biggest trip to, wait for iiiittt… NEW YORK CITY! I had never visited during the winter before so I really needed to make a new packing list!

We went primarily to attend a wedding but it was Mitchell’s first time ever there, so we made it into a 5 day trip and I may have been even more stoked about it than he was.

The first time he rode the subway though, it all changed into full blown awe!

Packing List Goals

December on the East Coast is a climate I had yet to experience, so I may have packed too many layers… but is there really such a thing as “too many”? I much prefer the marshmallow feeling to the frozen snowman feeling, so, here we are.

My goal with domestic flights is always to take full advantage of the 1 carry-on and 1 personal item rule in order to not pay baggage fees. This time around was a little more difficult because I also needed to pack a winter wedding outfit and shoes that would minimize the marshmallow aesthetic.

The biggest key I found to packing light was wearing my heaviest / bulkiest materials on our flight from San Diego to JFK (That means you, Hunter boots and snow jacket!)

Insider info: I’m wearing fleece leggings under all pairs of jeans… you would’ve never known unless you touched my toasty legs haha!

Outfit Ideas

Mitchell and Megan at NYC Winter Wedding
NYC Fire Department
Megan at NYC Museum of Natural History Planetarium
Megan in Central Park wearing winter coat
Megan in front of stairs in NYC

Packing List Printable

Printable New York City Winter Packing List
Right click to download and print this list!

Follow the links for more packing list inspiration and a NYC tell-all! 

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