Kuala Lumpur $45 Luxury Accommodations

Megan at edge of Kuala Lumpur FACE Suites pool

I never thought that I would be able to afford luxury travel. That is, until I started becoming interested in the urban jungles of Kuala Lumpur. Lo and behold, I found luxury condo accommodations in Kuala Lumpur on AirBnb for only $45/night! 

I was sold.

Megan at edge of Kuala Lumpur FACE Suites pool

City Culture

Kuala Lumpur is like Singapore’s more affordable cousin. The skyscrapers are there. The cultural melting pot is there. The food, ooohhh the fooood is there! The city is incredibly clean and safe with everything from free nature activities to expensive luxury shopping.

Malaysia is a one-of-a-kind combination of Chinese, Indian, and Western cultures. You’ll pass by TGI Friday’s, Dumpling Houses, all with a whiff of curry in the distance. I have never experienced anything else quite like it.

Where to Stay

This city quickly became one of my favorites of all time, majorly impacted by the AirBnb we stayed at. There are several luxurious rental properties in the city’s downtown area for a maximum of $60 / night.

Three friends and I stayed at this 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in the FACE Suites for only $45 /night, split by 4 meant it became only $11 /night per person!

We had access to a full gym, giant bathtub, and my personal favorite, the rooftop infinity pool.

Kuala Lumpur FACE Suites Rooftop Pool panorama
Visit the pool in the morning the late afternoon to avoid most of the crowds.
Sunset view of Kuala Lumpur
You can run forever when this is your view from the treadmill!

There were tons of nearby restaurants of every ethnicity imaginable in walking distance and a subway stop only 2 blocks away.

Grocery stores in the city are also quite extensive and Western-feeling with all the health conscious foods if you want to bring food back. We bought breakfast foods like muffins and apples to keep around for the 4 days we visited.

The pointy tower you see on the right of the panorama (CN Tower) is about a 20 minute walk and the towers on the left (Petronas Towers) were about 15 minutes by foot.

KL FACE Suites bathtub
KL FACE Suites pool view with friends

Bonus: here’s a $30 AirBnb coupon code that will almost make your first night here totally free!

Kuala Lumpur is incredibly clean and as four young women, we always felt safe. Kuala Lumpur has tons of English speakers if you’re at all hesitant about the language barrier. I can’t recommended it highly enough!

Ready to add it to your travel calendar and start budgeting? Get started here!

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