Be Your Own Travel Agent Pt. 2: Create a Calendar

September Bullet Journal Calendar

Any stress-free trip begins with a plan. That plan begins with a travel calendar! It can help you organize all of the things you want to see and the places you’re staying at all in one place instead of going through multiple emails and apps when you travel.

In the format provided, you can see hotels, activities, and any flight/train bookings you may have. You can also keep a sidebar list of the things you want to see while you’re there so you can loosely make plans and you won’t forget about those places you researched at home. 

Megan's sample Asia calendar
Here I’ve color coded by country since we were traveling through several over the 6 weeks
Megan's example of travel calendar planning

This part was for my parents to have just so that they would know where I was if there was an emergency

You can make this travel calendar as vague or in-depth as you’d like. Add color, font changes, whatever you need to make it easily readable for you.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Fill in correct dates of travel
  • Add your first flight/train to your destination (with confirmation codes)
  • Link your first hotel / AirBnB (with confirmation codes)
  • Add transportation plans to following destinations
  • Continue to add your next hotels / Airbnbs
  • Use the sidebar list to place all of the tourist attractions or special restaurants you want to try. Organize by destination.

Downloads Section

Linked below is a blank calendar for you to use and a PDF of my own 6 week trip to South East Asia for reference. 

Megan’s Southeast Asia Example Calendar

Blank Travel Calendar

In the past, I’ve sent this calendar format and sent it to my Dad before a trip just in case of emergency he knows where I was supposed to be. It’s a great tool to give someone, even another friend who will know where you are if they have to.

Need to go back to Step 1? Make your Travel Budget!

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