Bird Scooter Discounts You Need to Know About

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If you live in a somewhat large city, you’ve seen the masses of multi-colored scooters by now. If you’re an adventurous human with a streak of rebellion, you’ve probably ridden one on the sidewalks (supposedly “illegal”). A little known secret is that there are several ways you can find Bird scooter discounts and even ride for free!

Scootering around town is surprisingly convenient adult fun, especially post-Cocktail Tour, and with these tips, you can get months worth of rides for free!

Bird charges you $1 to unlock the scooter and then by minutes, not by mileage. It boils down to about $2 every 5 minutes, so no slowpokes allowed! Every 5 minutes, you can go about 1 mile.

From June to October, I took 15 scooter rides in San Diego, most over 7 minutes long. Guess how much I paid for them all? $20!

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How to Get Bird Scooter Discounts

1. Sign Up

When you first register with Bird and input your email and card information, you get $5 towards your first ride. Basically the whole ride or 2 rides are free!

2. Share Your Code with Friends

Invite some friends to scooter with you, send them your code and then you get ANOTHER $5 credit! AND they get a $5 credit from you!

3. Scoot Fast

It may seem stupid, but you can stretch your $5 to get you two rides depending where you get on the Bird and how fast you can scoot away. Avoid areas you know there will be lots of pedestrian traffic.

4. Email Credits

Every so often if you wait a few weeks between rides, Bird will send you a “we miss you” credit of… you guessed it… $5! One of the best Bird scooter discounts you can get!

Bird Scooter $5 Credit screenshot

If you’re extra creative, I bet you could repeat this process with other scooter brands like Lyft, Lime, and Spin and get free rides all the time when you rotate through the options.

Moral of the story: switch between scooter brands, bring friends, and wait for coupon codes. Then, scoot scoot your little hearts off into the sunset!

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